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Computers, mobile phones, Wi-Fi, televisions, tablets – 
all these devices disrupt our brain and nervous system functionality,
destabilizing our body's natural electromagnetic field.
As a result we are exposed to a level of electromagnetic frequency millions of times higher than ever before.

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Teslar strives to protect the global community from the potential dangers of man-made electromagnetic fields that emerge from everyday technology.
More than ever, we are exposed to external elements out of our control.
Teslar encourages consciousness and heightened awareness towards greater wellbeing by providing a critical tool to defend our bodies against electromagnetic pollution.

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The TESLAR technology works via the triple warmer meridian. The triple warmer meridian is one of the body's primary energy conduits and it starts at the 4th finger (from the thumb) and travels up the arm, through the shoulder, behind the ear and finally to the corner of the eye. It is the energy conduit has been known to activate the immune system. The meridian enables the TESLAR technology's signal to be carried throughout the body. This process bolsters the body's naturally occurring electromagnetic field -the bio field-working much like a protective shield. Dr Valerie Hunt, UCLA Prof Emeritus, describe the TESLAR technology as helping to create a bio field with more coherency, strength, and greater breadth of frequency.


Earth has its own natural frequency that helps our body. 

When connected with this frequency our body can restore, revitalize and heal itself more effectively from the adverse effects of artificial, man-made electromagnetic pollution.
It helps our energy system reach its maximum potential.

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