Backed by science: TESLAR SHIELD Wearable Wellness is lab-tested

TESLAR Turbo Chip has been lab-tested by third parties to measure its effectiveness. Here you can read the results of accurate studies conducted by the Energy Medicine Research Institute in Colorado.

Impact of TESLAR Turbo Chip on Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a measure showing the variation on time between each heartbeat. Measures of HRV are used to diagnose a number of medical conditions and can also measure stress level. At rest, a high HRV is generally favorable and a low HRV is generally unfavorable.

In this study, HRV of a group of subjects has been measured in different situations. The results show that using a cellphone decreases all HRV assessments at a highly significant level, therefore affecting overall wellbeing. But data shows that wearing the TESLAR Turbo Chip reverses these negative effects, remediating the negative health effects of EMR radiation and 5G.

Moreover, after wearing TESLAR Turbo Chip, all subjects showed HRV higher than baseline measures.

Impact of TESLAR Turbo Chip on energy flow 

The focus of this study was to measure energy flow through 12 major meridians in different situations. All variations are shown in percentage in the picture. Energy flow is divided in three categories:
Red category indicates meridian flow of less than 20%;
Yellow category indicates meridian flow between 20-65%;
Green category indicates meridian flow above 60%.

Data show that the total power of meridian flow at baseline was 1741. This number decreased after using a cellphone, coming down to 1711 due to EMR exposure.

The third measurement was made while using a cellphone wearing a TESLAR device. Data show an impressive increase in energy level across all meridians, and a total power of 3324.

TESLAR SHIELD Wearable Wellness is able to protect us from the negative effects of electromagnetic and 5G exposure, while also increasing our energy levels and activating the Triple Warmer Meridian. This can result in improvements in sleep quality, stress reduction, positive effects on headaches and fatigue and beneficial effects for our overall wellbeing.

TESLAR Technology is proven protection

In modern times, with all the rapidly advancing wireless technology, we are exposed to high level of EMR that exceeds biological safety limits. The risk of developing symptoms and even severe illnesses are real, especially in people particularly sensitive to EMR.

How can we protect ourselves from these negative frequencies, that disrupt our bodies' natural electromagnetic field? TESLAR SHIELD Wearable Wellness is a science-proven device that screens out EMR and re-aligns our bodies and mind.

TESLAR Technology works with a Quartz Coil device. The Coil movement emits measurable electromagnetic energy in sync with Earth's natural frequency; the energy emitted by TESLAR technology is always below the ambient noise of the environment, as measured by Underwriter's Laboratory (Product Safety Test).

TESLAR SHIELD Wearable Wellness creates a special signal that mimics Earth's natural frequency to help the body strengthen its own electromagnetic field against the subtle effects of external, low-energy electromagnetic fields.

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